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Party Book

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What is a Party Book?

A Party Book is a series of parties underwritten by Kenter Families to raise money and build community. That means the host or hosts pay to organize it, guests are charged a donation fee, and then all the money goes back to the school!

You can host and/or attend three kinds of parties: family parties, grownup parties, or kid parties. They happen throughout the year. You can open them up to the entire school, they can be just for your child’s class, mom’s only, dad’s only, couples only, (you get the point). 

Feel Free to get Creative!

Pool Party at your home
BBQ event
Wine and Cheese Tasting event
Poker Nights (School or class level)
Mom and Me Manicures/Pedicures
Yoga or Spin event
Tennis and Cocktail
Drinks and bites at a local restaurant
Dinner in a private dining room
Flower arrangement classes
Foam Party with kids
Make-up party

Cooking classes
Bartending classes
Dad's Sunday Funday
Game Night
St. Patrick's Day celebration
Kids Craft day
Dad's Whiskey Tasting
Hip Hop Dance Party
Bingo Night
Easter party
Mimosas and Massages
Snow day with Friends

Please fill out the “Let’s Party” form to submit a party. Please bring the printed form to the Party Book Cubby in the office or email it to Melanie Miller at or Shadie Yousefzadeh at no later than October 12th.

Once we collect all the submissions, we put the approved ones online for folks to sign up and participate. Remember this is a fantastic way to meet people and build our Kenter community!