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Annual Giving

KCSPG’s Annual Giving Campaign is our single largest and most important fundraiser.  Annual Giving raises over $500,000 each year.

All donations to KCPSG are voluntary.  However, each year we seek 100% participation from Kenter families. From donations of $10 to $10,000+, our families contribute through Annual Giving approximately 68% of the total amount that KCPSG fundraises each year.

Attend Your Class Dinner

Annual Giving starts at the beginning of the school year.  From mid-September through the end of October each class will have a dinner party for its parents and teachers at the home of a child in the class.  This adult-only party is an amazing opportunity for parents to get to know their classroom teacher, aide and the other parents.  A representative from KCPSG will come to the dinner to explain Annual Giving and the support KCPSG provides Kenter Canyon in fulfilling its educational vision and mission.

Each year, KCPSG spends $1,700 per student to enhance and enrich our school and we rely on the generosity of our parents and our community to reach that goal. We understand that not everyone can contribute that amount and we are grateful to those families who give more in support of public education.  Most importantly, we sincerely appreciate donations of any amount and we ask each family to participate in an amount that is meaningful to them.  All Kenter kids benefit from the programs funded by KCPSG!

All Annual Giving donations will be recognized and you will receive fabulous Kenter swag at every level of support:

  • Coyote Gold:  $7,000 +
  • Coyote Family:  $4,000 – $6,999
  • Coyote Pack:  $1,700 – $3,999
  • Coyote Community: Up to $1,699

We will give recognition to our donors on the Kenter website and through periodic email communications.  We do respect the privacy of our donors who wish to remain anonymous. If you would like to not be listed on the donor recognition or be listed anonymously, please inform the Annual Giving chair.

100% of donations to Annual Giving are tax deductible and many employers offer corporate matching. Corporate match amounts are included in calculating support levels.

For more information please email Dorita Ahdoot at

Contribute to Annual Giving Today!

Or – drop off a check made out to KCPSG in the Annual Giving box in the Parent Center – please fill out this form and turn it in with your check.