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Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures

campus map

Morning Drop-off (7:35 AM - 8:10 AM)

Currently, parents must park and walk their students to the designated drop-off gates, based on grade level.  

  • Kindergarten entrance gate
  • North Yard upper gate (for grades 1-2)
  • South Yard gate on Homewood (for grades 3-5)

Older siblings may be dropped off at their younger sibling's gate. 

Afternoon Pick-up

When school ends, all teachers will walk their students to the designated pick-up areas around school.  Parents must park, exit their vehicle, and go to the designated gates to get their children.  Please see the above map showing the different pick-up locations for each grade.

  • Kindergarten: Kindergarten gate
  • First Grade: North Yard lower gate
  • Second Grade: North Yard upper gate 
  • Third Grade: Cafeteria gate in the front loop
  • Fourth and Fifth Grade: South Yard gate on Homewood

Older siblings may be picked up at younger sibling's gate if it has been communicated with the child's teacher.